Monday, August 5, 2013

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Jason Dunn Diabetes Foundation Needs Your Help!

I recently heard about a devastating disaster. You won't read about it in your news feed on Facebook; this sort of crisis won't trend on Twitter, so you probably don't even know about it.

This disaster happened in a city in Alabama. A benefit concert was put on for two young boys who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. The benefit committee's goal was to raise $18,000 for 2 Diabetic Alert Dogs (D.A.D.s) for these sick children. Diabetes is a tough disease to live with, especially for a 2 and 9 year-old boy. I've lived it; I know. Without these dogs, these children are constantly at risk for undetected extreme sugar highs and lows that could cause brain damage or even be fatal. D.A.D.s can give children with diabetes the life they deserve; a life that is lived to its fullest with a dog who can help them better control and respond to the struggles of their disease.

The Breaking Boundaries Foundation organized this event with an open invitation to the Christian Community. They brought in two excellent Christian bands, made it free to the public, provided flyers, posters, and promotional materials to every church and Christian group in their area; sparing no expense to be sure everyone knew about the event. Surely this Christian community would come out in force to support these children and make the event a huge success.

After many months of planning and preparation, date finally arrived. The doors opened at 6:30pm, the pizza was hot, the raffles were set up, the bands had completed their sound checks and were ready to take the stage; the committee and families of the children were eager with anticipation. They believed in the churches they had sent the flyers to. Most likely they were making guesses at how much money they were going to raise on this magnificent evening.

By the time the first band took the stage, only two people had shown up, 2! I can guarantee this community has spent thousands of dollars on overseas mission trips and sponsorships of children in Third World Countries; but when it came to their own children, they didn’t care enough to come. Where was Christ in that Christian Community on that evening?

I know we all get caught up with our day-to-day activities. Things come up, we get busy; but what if these were your children? Would "The Voice" take precedence over a well thought out fundraiser? Probably not!

This is where I'm taking a stand. This Thursday, July 18th at 8pm Eastern, I am going to play a benefit concert for these boys online at (because let's be honest, nobody wants to get off their sorry butts to do anything these days), and my goal is to raise enough money so both of them can get their D.A.D.s; They deserve it!

The Jason Dunn Diabetes Foundation has started a campaign called "Dollars for Dogs". All we ask is $1 from every person in America who is as horrified by the lack of compassion and interest shown to these children as we are.

After this heartbreaking event, these children and their families have started to lose faith in humanity, as have I. Let's shake things up and be the people we claim to be; let’s put Christ back into our Christian Communities and be the hands and feet of our Savior. Please help make a difference; visit the JDDF website at, attend this online event, and make your donation today.

Getting off my Soapbox,
Jason Dunn

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Order of Elijah Releases Dethrone Today on Rottweiler Records

Today is the day, all you metal heads! Up and coming metalcore band The Order of Elijah have released their brand new album Dethrone on Rottweiler Records. The reviews have been coming in and are overwhelmingly positive. Online magazine New Transcendence states "Dethrone is a marvelously composed album of hard-hitting, skullsplitting deathcore with an uplifting and inspirational religious message which relies on neither over-the-top technicality nor incessant preaching to reach out to the listener." And Belgium-based The Metal Resource reveals "Dethrone manages to keep the listener’s attention through a combination of strong musicianship and vocals, complicated song structures, creative use of samples, and an over-the-top, tongue in cheek attitude."

So check out the brand new video for "New Line of Defense" below which debuts today alongside the album release. And, please, head on over to your favorite digital retail outlet to pick up this amazingly, brutally beautiful album from a ground-breaking band changing the very essence of the genre in which they're destined to dominate.

Pick up the album on:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rottweiler Records Press Release: HM Magazine Exclusively Premiere New Music Video from The Order Of Elijah

HM Magazine has premiered the new music video from Missouri-based deathcore band, The Order Of Elijah for their song “New Line Of Defense” (you can watch it HERE). The in-your-face twistings and turnings of the song are highlighted by footage of the band performing at a fully functional dam in Disney, OK. Mirroring the unpredictability inherent in the bands songwriting style, the dam literally could have opened up at any moment and swept them away in the current. The concept of the video illustrates the lyrical themes perfectly as they convey the nihilistic leanings of mankind by performing on ground man has destroyed in the name of progress. Lead singer Shannon Low states, “the barren wasteland created by man is reflected in many aspects of society and the self-destructive mindset everyone is enslaved to.”

The Order of Elijah master the art of balance by converging creative musical destruction, a meticulous display of aggressive, heavy mastery and the delivery of serious lyrical themes often delivered with a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. The band uses pop culture audio samples ranging from Pulp Fiction to The Order starring the legendary, and now deceased, actor Heath Ledger, mostly known for his role as The Joker in The Dark Night.

The band’s reputation as a devastatingly impressive live band continues to build as they assault audiences regionally and beyond. A recent show with Emmure left other opening bands gasping for air in the wake of their powerful performance. The crowd was there for Emmure but left with The Order Of Elijah emblazoned like a ten thousand degree heat stamp on the back of their collective brains. This summer's “Bite and Devour” tour will take the band to California for their first-ever west coast swing.

The Order Of Elijah's new album "Dethrone" releases July 16th and you can pre-order it on ITUNES now. To celebrate the album release, they will be playing an album release show at the Solace Music Venue in their hometown of Joplin, MO Friday, July 12th.

To stay connected with The Order Of Elijah and their updates, like their PAGE on facebook, follow them on twitter @ORDEROFELIJAH or visit their WEBSITE.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do you Love To Worship?

Check out the awesomely intense new spoken word video from Christian rapper Dillon Chase, entitled “Love To Worship”. The video was partly inspired by the upcoming worship collaboration album “Luvv 2 Worship” which features over 60 of today’s best independent Christian Hip Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, Rock, Gospel & Worship music artists. The album, releasing July 13th, will include the song “You Never Leave” by Dillon Chase and ZG. The music video for the song released earlier this year in March and can be seen HERE.

To stay connected with Dillon Chase you can like his PAGE on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @DCHASE116.
Also, to keep up to date on the updates from the “Luvv 2 Worship” album you can visit their WEBSITE, like the album's PAGE on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @LUVV_2_WORSHIP.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hot New Single from Kima Charysse

Are you ready to "Travel The World" with Kima Charysse? The Christian award nominee and NFluential Music Group recording artist kicks off the summer by releasing her brand new single, the title track from her forthcoming 2013 debut EP, "Travel The World".

In 2012, Kima broke onto the Christian music scene with her debut single "Possible", which garnered international radio support and more than 44,000 lyric video views on YouTube, ultimately leading to the successful prevention of several teen suicides.

"Travel The World" is an upbeat track that will appeal to both saved and unsaved listeners who enjoy such artists as Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Kima’s new single embodies her signature style of powerful vocals set to fresh contemporary music with lyrics that take each listener on a journey toward faith, hope and redemption in Jesus Christ.

"Travel The World is for those who have been looking for love in everything and everyone except Jesus. It’s also a reminder for believers to not get sucked back into the world’s view of what love and success are," says Kima.

Kima Charysse, who is currently booking performance dates to support her new single which went for radio adds a week ago, will be featured in the July/August issue of I Am Entertainment Magazine as part of their "Love Thyself" campaign promoting positive self-esteem in women and young girls.

You can buy the single via Amazon MP3 HERE and via iTunes HERE. You can also watch the lyric video HERE. An official music video is expected to follow in the future.

Want to stay up to date with Kima Charysse's latest updates? You can like her Facebook page HERE and/or follow her on Twitter @KimaCharysse. Alternatively, you can check out her website HERE.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The King of Freestyling Strikes Again!

Are you a massive fan of KJ-52's freestyling talents like me? Well you're in for a absolute treat if you are! 16 minutes of KJ-52 freestyling like a boss, and yes I did say a whole 16 minutes!

The charismatic and humble "plain white rapper in a minivan" KJ-52 answers a whole range of questions including why he's called KJ-52, what his favourite TobyMac (@therealtobymac) song is and whether it's true that he and Family Force 5 (@familyforce5) are collaborating on a track in the near future? The video, recorded during his free time class at Camp Electric (@campelectric) at SE College in Florida, features the beatboxing talents of Rubox (@rubox).

Want to stay up to date with KJ-52's latest updates? You can like his Facebook page HERE and/or follow him on Twitter @kj52. Yet to buy his "Dangerous" album from last year? 1. where have you been? and 2. remedy that ASAP by buying it on iTunes HERE (it's also available via other fine digital retailers). Enjoy...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rottweiler Records Press Release: New Soul Embraced Album "Mythos" Releasing July 9th

(Fort Wayne, IN) - Little Rock, Arkansas-based death metal band Soul Embraced will be releasing their fifth album Mythos July 9th on Rottweiler Records (The Order of Elijah, Every Knee Shall Bow, Abated Mass Of Flesh, Grave Robber). The thought-provoking, spiritually charged power metal album features guest appearances by Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) and Jeremiah Scott (Demon Hunter). The album's first single "Like A Corpse" is currently available at digital retail outlets worldwide and, for a limited time, can also be downloaded for free on the music-sharing site NoiseTrade. The free download also includes a minute and a half teaser clip for the full album.

Soul Embraced, originally a side project of drummer David Sroczynski and William "Rocky" Gray, formed in 1997 and has been decimating the underground metal scene with a caustic, relentless aural assault for over sixteen years. The band released an EP on indie label Blood & Ink Records then went on to release three full-length albums on Solid State Records. Five years have passed since their last album and the band is now poised to explore the next chapter in their development.

The current lineup includes Chad Moore (vocals), Rocky Gray (drums), Cody Smith (guitar) and Jon Dunn (bass). Rocky Gray is best known for his drum work with multi-platinum selling artist Evanescence (2003-2007) and as a guitarist for Living Sacrifice (1999–2003, 2005, and 2008–present).

As more of a project band than a touring entity, live dates will be sparse in coming months. New dates will be posted to Facebook as they become available.

For more information on Soul Embraced, please like their facebook page HERE or follow them on twitter @SOUL_EMBRACED.

You can buy the "Like A Corpse" single HERE, download it for free HERE and/or listen on YouTube HERE.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

UnAfraid - Changing the Hip Hop Stigma

Cory Matthews, one of the hottest new talents in the hip hop scene, currently has an indiegogo album campaign that comes to an end in just 32 hours and it's only $590 short. The 15 track album, entitled "UnAfraid", is slated to be released this August and, if his single "Broken Down" is anything to go by, it's going to be one of the hottest releases of 2013.

You really don't want to miss this wonderful opportunity to back this project and receive some pretty sweet rewards in return, so please kindly head on over to the indiegogo page HERE and be a part of helping raise the money needed to finish this highly anticipated album. The introductory video from Cory to the campaign is below.

To stay up to date with Cory Matthews' latest updates you can like his facebook page HERE and follow him on twitter @CoryMatthewsFHG.

In April I had the great pleasure of reviewing his single "Broken Down" and you can read it HERE.You can pick up your copy of the single HERE.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Video: MPH - Doubting Tom

Check out the brand new music video from Man Praisin’ Hard, who goes under the acronym of MPH, which released towards the end of May. The music video is directed by BRadBeats (@BRadBeats) and produced by Riley Mykal (@RileyMykal). The track is called "Doubting Tom" and the very honest track is from the mixtape "Critical Condition Part 2" which can be downloaded HERE for free. The mixtape, which is hosted by DjTouchScreen (@DJ_Touchscreen), is said to be his most authentic and creative work yet.

MPH, who’s 21 and based out of Atlanta, began writing and producing music at 8 years old and very much prefers to set new trends rather than follow them. He has a long history of successful independent albums, and he has performed alongside many Grammy heavy hitters Patti LaBelle, John Legend to name just a couple.

To keep up with his latest updates, you can like his Facebook page HERE and follow him on twitter @ManPraisingHard.

Got a music video you'd like us to feature? Please e-mail a link to the video, all the song details and a brief bio to

Friday, June 7, 2013

Are You Ready for the #Aftershow?

LZ7, the Christian rap and dance group based out of Manchester, U.K, will be releasing their 4th studio album entitled "Aftershow" July 7th. The title single was released worldwide last Sunday via iTunes, and other fine digital retailers, and you can buy your copy HERE. They also filmed an awesome music video to accompany the single which can be seen below and the "behind the scenes" video can be viewed HERE.

LZ7 were once again part of the line up for the EO Youthday, now under the moniker BEAM, in Holland last weekend and during their live set performed "Aftershow" and their previously released song from the new album, "Next Level" featuring the one and only Solomon Olds, a.k.a. Soul Glow Activatur, lead singer of Family Force 5. You can check out the live videos of both songs HERE and HERE respectively (you may just see Soli join LZ7 on stage to perform Next Level but you'll have to watch it to find out!).

Fan of LZ7? Want to keep up with their latest updates? Be sure to like their page on FACEBOOK and follow them on TWITTER.

Please share this article with all your friends and please tell all your friends, and even your enemies, about the single/music video/album etc. Let's Be The Change in this world and show everyone that there is a hope, there is a future and that there is a destiny. Are you ready for the #Aftershow?!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Music from Fades Away Coming Very Soon!

Christian hard rock band Fades Away are back with new music! Their new album will hopefully be released in September later this year but fear not, for you don't have to wait long to hear some new music! Their new single "Creature" is coming out next Tuesday (28th May) through Voluminous Records.

Thought you knew Fades Away's sound? Well, think again! Whilst still keeping with their melodic hard rock sound in parts, "Creature" is by far the most brutal and heaviest track from them yet and, trust me, it's truly special so it's time to get stoked folks! I guarantee you'll have this track on repeat! You can hear a sneak peek of the new single below.

To keep up to date with Voluminous Records and Fades Away, be sure to like their facebook pages HERE and HERE respectively. Fades Away and Voluminous Records are also considering releasing another single prior to the new album release so keep an eye out for that...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sara Renner Featured on the AmazonMP3 Site

The latest release from CLG distributed artist Sara Renner entitled Acoustic Sessions is currently being featured on AmazonMP3's website for $5.99. The album will only be available at this price for a limited time.

The album is a collection of soulful original and cover songs recorded in an intimate setting in Sara's hometown of Minneapolis, MN. Sara doesn't just sing. She "sangs." Anyone into Soul/R&B will easily know exactly what is meant by that phrase. Highlights on the album include a stripped down version of "That's The Way You Love" (one of her most popular songs) along with a delightful, intimate cover version of Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror."

So do yourself a favor and head over to the AmazonMP3 site and check out this outstanding album from a mega-talented independent artist. This is top-notch material in every single way!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Video from Legendary Gospel Gangstaz

Anyone into Gospel Rap likely knows the legendary duo known as Gospel Gangstaz. Their Gang Affiliated album from 1994 sold in excess of 300,000 units and brought Gospel Rap to the forefront. In doing so, the duo established the genre as credible among even the most cynical of rap fans. In 2013, our favorite G's are gearing up to announce some big news...and they've promised to give us the exclusive scoop first. So stay tuned to JesusWired in anticipation of the BIG NEWS! You will hear it here first.

As we patiently wait for them to iron out the details, they've decided to drop a video on YouTube for the song "Change" from their 2002 album The Exodus. View the video below and make sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think about the video.

These legendary cats are once again about to bust a move on the Christian Hip-Hop world and reclaim their rightful place as kings of the genre!

EXCLUSIVE: Stellar Kart Announce Album Release Date

It's been over three years since the popular Christian pop punk band Stellar Kart released their last full length project "Everything Is Different Now". There's been a couple of smaller releases since then which never seemed to garner much interest from long term SK fans, one being their Disney EP "A Whole New World" and the other was their "Acoustic Album".

Well, fear not SK fans, a new full length project is on its way later this year. The lead singer, Adam Agee, last night did a live ustream video and, in response to my question, announced that their new album "All In" will be released 27th August. Stellar Kart then proceeded to announce it via twitter. You heard it here first, unless of course you were watching the live stream!

In response to another of my questions, he also revealed that the album will contain a mixture of ballads, rock and roll and some old school pop punk songs. Adam also divulged that this is their deepest album yet and his favourite. During the one hour broadcast he performed a couple of the new songs acoustically, one was the fourth song on the record "Never Left Your Side" and the other was the new single "All In (Apologize)". He also gave us sneak previews of the intros of a few of the other songs and confirmed that the track "Criminals & Kings" off the acoustic EP will be on the new record.. From those two songs and previews, the new album looks like it's going to be seriously awesome and I'd highly recommend you circle 27th August in your diaries so you don't miss out on what will surely be one of the albums of 2013.

The title track and lead single off the record "All In (Apologize)" is OUT NOW. It released at midnight all around the world so people from Australia and here in the United Kingdom for example got to buy and listen to it first. I have not stopped listening to it and is on constant repeat through my headphones. It's awesome!

You can buy the new single from iTunes HERE (it's also available via other fine digital retailers). Stay up to date with Stellar Kart by liking their facebook page HERE and follow them on twitter @stellarkartband.

Be sure to tell all your friends about this awesome news by sharing this article!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Help Random Hero Reach Their Goal

Denver, Colorado based Christian rock band Random Hero's started an indiegogo campaign last month to help raise the funds to finish up their new album "Carry Me, Bury Me" and for their summer tours. There are just 28 hours left to go and they still need to raise $4100+ so head on over to their campaign HERE to help them raise the necessary funds by pre-ordering their new record (you get some pretty sweet rewards in return!) and to find out much more about the project. Please also share this campaign with all of your friends! The introductory video to the project from the lead singer Aaron is below.

Random Hero's mission and ministry is to bring light into the darkness by bringing a message of hope and joy through their music. To find out more about them and to keep up to date with them please give their facebook PAGE a like and follow them on twitter @randomheroband.

Friday, April 26, 2013

First Aid for those who are Broken Down

Review Date: April 26, 2013
Review by: Iain Moss
Release Date: 03/29/13

Broken Down? In need of recovery? Don't fret because help is at hand!

At the end of March, New York native Cory Matthews released his brand new single “Broken Down” featuring A.J. The track, off his upcoming album “UnAfraid”, was produced by Sinima beats and engineered by Jordan Clark in Albany, NY.

Effortlessly blending elements of both hip-hop and rock, Cory brings us an incredible track infused with hard hitting crisp lyrics and a powerful message. Cory describes the meaning behind the song in much more detail below,

“The first verse of the song is written to a man who lost his family in a drunk driving accident and felt as though it was his fault. This man could not understand why God would allow this to happen to his family. Instead of turning to God who wished to heal his broken heart... he closed himself off to society and began to use drugs as a means to escape feeling. I really wanted to express to this man that he is not too far gone and that God still loves him and wants him to come to Him...even in his broken state so that he can be made new. God wants forgiveness for all and sometimes the hardest person for us to forgive is ourselves.

The second was written for a tremendous girl who had fallen victim to rape. As it always does, this experience left the girl traumatized and questioning where was God. This girl's faith was strong and she regained her faith but her relationships suffered. She felt abused and longer worth her true value. This song is meant for know that she is still loved and truly a daughter of God. No man can take away her beauty in His eyes.

In prior weeks I had heard some really traumatic stories that had me questioning why God allows evil into the world...a question that is asked regularly to Christians. I understood the concepts of free will but when it comes to one’s life, it is much harder to just take that... Sometimes it feels as though God abandons us.. This song was really written to show that in those times where we are Broken Down...that is when God is calling out to us the most. We have to break out of ourselves and realize that we are not strong enough to overcome on our own...but with the strength of God all is possible. God loves his children and does not wish us to suffer. So when we do, God wants to be our crutch, our defences, and our respirator...filling us with the breath of life.

I really wrote this song to let the world know that there is never a place where you cannot turn to God. He wants everyone where they are at. Clean, dirty, or absolutely Broken Down... God wants all of us.”

"Broken Down" opens with some delicate piano key strokes accompanied by a various assortment of softly sung 'hey's, 'oh's and 'woah's which, along with the opening chorus, helps set the contemplative tone for the rest of the song and gently eases us into the first verse. The lyrics are crafted with finesse and in such a way that each time I listen to the first verse it conquers up the same vivid image of a man on his knees, bound in heavy chains, in a cold and damp dark room desperately crying out to God to save him. As Cory punches out the following hard hitting vocals from the first verse with conviction you can feel yourself being swept along for the ride from despair to redemption, swiftly growing more confident in yourself and God’s love,

“ think that ya past defines you
every time you try to forget, circumstances reminds you
of how you’re unclean, so unworthy
tear ya self away from the world feeling dirty
your past trials don’t form your identity
God said to forgive your enemies
well sometimes, that means forgive yourself
don't just place your problems on the shelf
you are more than the person that you used to be
you are dressed up in beauty, and His majesty
you’re a son or a daughter, of the God of mercy
And He will save you, no matter if you’re worthy
So God let me stop letting all this pain hurt me
I’m starving for the truth, and these scars have me thirsting..."

It's when the chorus triumphantly hits, however, that chills are truly sent scuttling down your spine. It’s at this point, in my mind, that the man’s chains fall to the ground as he stands and spreads his arms wide in surrender to our God above, cloaked in the bright light suddenly flooding through the window.

As the second verse commences we’re immediately thrown into the confused and lost mind of this poor girl and, in echoing a question many of us humans have cried out to God in the past, “God where were you when I was on the ground, hoping, choking, broken down” we’re just putty in Cory’s hands. Cory molds his lyrics perfectly to take us on a roller-coaster journey through her thoughts where we feel her pain as if it’s our own and, although safe in the knowledge that God is always there, by the end of the verse we’re left desperately crying out to God with her “I need someone to come and Save Me”.

The final renditions of the chorus achieve something quite remarkable as they cause the listener to experience two almost polar opposite feelings at the same time. You’re left crying out to God for His grace to save you from a place of desperation but you’re also left feeling majorly encouraged and safe in the knowledge that no matter how “Broken Down” you are, God will always want you. Somehow it works (don’t ask me how though)!!

“Just take what's left of me and tear it out, 
The fire inside my heart just burnt me to the ground, 
I'm broken down, I'm lost, will I ever be found, 
Who will save me now, won't You save me now, Won't You save me now”

It takes a few listens to truly appreciate what the piano sounds bring to the table but after a while you come to the realisation that they add an extra depth to the track, in that they complement and interact with the hip-hop beats seamlessly . I think I can also detect some guitar in there as well but I'm still very new to looking beyond the surface of songs at each individual element so please forgive my ignorance!

It doesn't seem to matter whether I listen to this track to analyse and dissect it or whether I'm just listening to it for pleasure, or even what mood I'm in, it never fails to deliver the goods; all of which point to "Broken Down" being a truly great song. Since I stumbled across it completely by chance whilst doing updates for my Christian Contemporary Music facebook PAGE three weeks ago, and then pretty much immediately purchasing it, I've listened to it over 140 times, and that's not even including the plays on soundcloud and youtube before I bought it! I think it's safe to say I LOVE this song, I really hope you do too...

You can listen to "Broken Down" below and you can purchase it on iTunes HERE (it's also available via other fine digital retailers).

Want to keep up to date with Cory Matthews' music? Then go and like his facebook page HERE and/or follow him on twitter HERE. If you also want to know a bit more about Cory there's a brief bio beneath the video.

About Cory Matthews

Living in New York with his father, who just happened to be a DJ, Cory Matthews grew up in love with music. His cousin was a rapper and Cory felt called to hip hop thanks to its authenticness and pure ability to express exactly who the artist is and what they believe in. Although not having the easiest of upbringings and having to live pay check to pay check, Cory recalls that they never let the lack of money stop them from having a good time and spending time with each other. Cory did however give up on his dream and pursue other types of music after being consistently told by everyone that he didn’t look or talk like a rapper, that he was the wrong colour, that there was no way he could do hip hop and so on. Up until College broke the group up, Cory pursued other music options by playing the drums for a band which included his close friends Kevin, Dylan, Nick, Justin and, the guy who’s featured on the single, Adam.
Cory had attended church in the past but it was around this time that he had a massive calling from God and begun a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He also begun to witness to the inner city youth that he felt he had a close bond to and it was through this that his love for hip-hop was re-kindled, “I just felt that I could really witness the gospel in an attractive way through hip-hop. Rap music has always been about being real, telling your audience who you are, what you believe, and taking a stand." 
Cory’s now gaining a name for himself in both the hip hop music and the Contemporary Christian Music scenes. Cory however remains his humble self, “I am still in shock at how many people listen to my music. It is truly a privilege to be able to serve. I am by no means worthy. I think that shows the power of Christ in a real way... He takes a guy like me who has faults, mistakes, and doubts...and graces me with the ability to serve him. Who am I to be a herald of God's good news for his people?”

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Voluminous Records: Voluminous Records Signs Melodic Hard Rock Band Fa...

Voluminous Records: Voluminous Records Signs Melodic Hard Rock Band Fa...: Fades Away's Former Lineup Voluminous Records announces the signing of Christian Hard Rock band Fades Away to a label & distri...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Exclusive Video: Fearless by The Remission Flow

JesusWired will be hosting the brand new video in the U.S. for "Fearless" by the Irish band The Remission Flow for one week. Yes, that's right. You can only see it HERE for the next week!

The song is inspired by the reckless, peerless love of our God and the response which that should illicit in those who have received His Mercy. This is a live demo recorded using a handful of mics in the little homemade studio above the guitarist's garage on the outskirts of Monaghan in Ireland. They recorded their debut album "The Light That Floods" in this little room last year with Producer/engineer and label boss Trevor Michael. They hope to include a more complete version of the track on their upcoming live album scheduled for a late Autumn/Winter 2013 release on 7coremusic.


The Remission Flow are seven ordinary people, with very ordinary talents living wonderfully normal lives. Our backgrounds, ages and experiences are as diverse as our dreams, failings and needs. However, we are totally united in Jesus Christ, desperate to serve our God and burdened for those who have yet to receive His beautiful salvation. We haven’t got Christianity figured out, don’t have all the answers and our lives are far from perfect. In fact, our names, faces, stories and the songs we have been given are worth nothing if they do not point to Christ. God has instructed us to share our hearts, vision, pains, struggles and joy with each of you and to point everyone we meet Home. It is our desire to live out our lives in Worship and to see many receive the Remission of their sins. We are so unworthy but so incredibly privileged to serve in this ministry and pray that we can be a blessing through our obedience to God’s call. All Glory, Honour and Power are the Lord's forever and ever. Amen.

Read our review of "The Light That Floods" by clicking HERE!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Video, Song & Album From Niel Higgins!

Check out the brand new song/video for "We Lift You Up" from South African worship leader Niel Higgins from the upcoming album "The Noise We Make" due out March 26, 2013:

Niel Higgins - We Lift You Up

Purchase the song on iTunes (click above button), Amazon or Google Play. Also available on Rhapsody and other fine digital retailers across the globe as well as Spotify and similar music streaming sites.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get Your Life Purified & Ready For a Rebirth!

Over the weekend Christian rapper Purified released his third full length album "Rebirth". The first single "One I Want" featuring Unknwn is below. In the words of Purified himself, "If you like Dubstep, Electro-hop and high energy party music then this is definitely the album for you"! You can buy the album on iTunes and other fine online retailers.

Are you a big Purified fan like me? I'd love to hear your thoughts on which you think is his best album so far here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shackles Free Ent. Releases 21-Track Label Sampler

Shackles Free Entertainment released a label sampler today entitled "Unchained Vol. 1."

Packed with 21 tracks of pure Christian Rap, the album includes brand new songs from J. Robinson, E. Carter, Diligence, Shenette Jones, EP, Messenja and Stephen Thomas.

"Unchained Vol.1" is free to download for a limited time on NoiseTrade. Listen to samples, download your copy, discover some great new music and share it with your friends today!

Hot New Music From Rilian (And It's Free!)

Rilian is Jerad Griffin. Jerad Griffin grew up in Tampa, Florida playing in the punk/hardcore scene. He had the opportunity to play with Anberlin when they were first forming and filled in for their drummer, Nate, on several tours. In 2008, Jerad joined High Flight Society, taking up guitar and background vocal duties. High Flight Society had 2 songs in the Christian Rock Top 5.

Now going solo in Rilian, Jerad has written and recorded several songs for an upcoming EP. The first single is called, "Time To Let It Go," a song about bullying. Rilian's style is heavily influenced by 90's alternative rock bands with a modern pop/rock feel.

Jerad's one year old son, Jude, has recently had surgery on his ears and all the proceeds from this single will go to paying for his son's medical bills.

Download this amazing track on NoiseTrade and donate to his son's cause if you feel led to do so.

Monday, February 11, 2013

VIDEO: Neely - Everything I Am

Blending elements of rock greats like Evanescence, Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, Flyleaf and Tonic (among others), Neely is poised to make an impact on the Christian music scene. With a minimum of 100 tour dates per year, they're likely to be playing in a city near you.

Preview the video for the title track "Everything I Am" from Nashville-based rock band Neely. The single was released to Christian Rock and Hot AC/CHR radio today. Be listening to your favorite local Christian radio station and call in to request it!

Check out the full album on iTunes as well! Visit their Facebook page for more info.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New From Every Knee Shall Bow - The Lion's Teeth Lyrics Video

Check out the brand new lyrics video for "The Lion's Teeth" from Christian metal band Every Knee Shall Bow. The song is from their upcoming album Slayers of Eden due out March 12th from Rottweiler Records, Transform Music Group & CLG Distribution.

Pick up the single on iTunes now!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Christian hard rock band Red's fourth album "Release The Panic" is now in stores and on iTunes and other fine digital retailers worldwide. They released the title track's music video yesterday through Revolver Magazine. Red are known for their 'outside of the box' videos and fans of Red will notice that this video is a direct continuation from their last music video, "Feed The Machine".

Christian rock band Sanctus Real's new album "Run" also released today in stores and on iTunes, and other fine digital retailers worldwide. The music video for the lead single "Promises" released towards the end of last year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Remission Flow "The Light That Floods" Album Review

January 29, 2013
Review by: Iain Moss
Release Date: 10/20/12

New Christian worship band, The Remission Flow released their debut album “The Light That Floods” last October, through independent record label 7 Core Music.

The Ireland based 7-piece worship band’s vision is to lead people in experiencing the radical love of God and encouraging them to return to their individual lives completely impassioned and transformed so they can impart a positive impact on the community around them. They’re also passionate about setting our churches on fire (not literally!) for God and uniting people in worship captivated by the Word of our Lord and Saviour. It’s safe to assert that with “The Light That Floods”, they’ve filtered their vision into their music.

The album has been received in high regards from the press with Louder Than The Music giving it 4.5 stars out of 5 and saying, “Rarely does a debut album offer such a rich selection of songs. Musically enjoyable, lyrically intense and thoroughly brilliant, this is an album oozing talent and quality.”

The Remission Flow don't fit neatly into any certain category and for that reason it’s very hard to identify any other bands they sound similar to. That is, however, very much to their credit as it allows them to take their completely diverse individual backgrounds and combine them in an intriguing manner. As puts it so succinctly, “Think of the album as a picture of the church: Diverse in every way, yet united for one purpose."

“The Light That Floods” kicks off with the track “Walls” and straight off the mark it’s clear that there’s something here for everyone. As with the rest of the album, each part of the band slots effortlessly together for a smooth worshiping experience. In this case the guitar riffs, the live 'edgy' feel and Darren’s soft soothing tones set the scene perfectly as they affirmatively declare, “I will go, where You go, I will follow You”.

The album quickly moves on to the up-tempo “Take Away Everything” featuring swifter vocals proudly declaring “I wanna shout my love for my Saviour” and “I wanna feel Your Spirit within me”. Subsequently, “The Father’s Love” takes a gander at Christ’s magnificent sacrifice for us.

The very simplistic “Your Word” follows which, for 40% of the track, is led only by a simple guitar riff. Drums are introduced to great effect thereafter with the lyric “There is no-one like You God” being repetitively sung with conviction throughout leaving the listener feeling content and settled in their faith.

“Light Up” starts off reasonably mellow with simple ambient piano music in the background. It doesn’t take long for the drums and cymbals to kick in to add an extra edge to the track helping it build beautifully towards the jubilant lyrics “Wake me from my sleeping soul, take me to Your Heart, Breathe life into my bones”, reminding us almost immediately of the story in Ezekiel 37 of “The Valley Of Dry Bones”.

Strong piano strokes introduce us to the almost anthemic “Wilderness”, taking a look into the theme of how God’s found us in the wild and brought us into His arms, “But there it was that You Found Me, You surrounded my ways, how it is that You’ve cared for me, All of my days”.

A whole host of instruments come together, including the delicate tones of a triangle, to create the reflective resonance of “My Saviour Lives”. Beautiful instrumental periods allow for personal songs of worship to be sung, creating the perfect relaxed worshiping experience.

Conversely, “All Creation” offers the listener strong drum rhythms to get their feet moving. Lyrically, it’s a call to arms for all of us to proclaim the wonder of our Lord and Saviour to the world, “All creation cries Your Name, Let everything with breath proclaim, That every beat of our hearts, It leads us nearer to where You are”.

The Remission Flow then offer their own alternative rock/worship take on putting the words of the classic “Psalm 121” to words. It works! “Sleeper” picks up the pace a bit with distorted guitars as the focus of the background music and contains my favourite lyrics on the album, “Shake the dust off my hands and feet, I’ve got works to do for You”.

The album is rounded off by the slow and contemplative “Holy”, taking a much closer look at who our Lord is.

Throughout the whole album, not only do you feel God’s presence but you get the sensation that these songs would be amazing to hear live, many I expect would be spine tingling. Don't just take my word for it though, go out and experience this unique style of worship for yourselves! The album is available on iTunes and other fine digital retailers worldwide.

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Video & Album From The Jason Lovins Band

View the video for the debut single "Always Have, Always Will" from the brand new album Promises. Street date for the album is January 22nd but you can pre-order your copy today on iTunes:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Christian EDM/Dubstep Album Releasing 1/22/13 - Leonti Productions Presents: The Redemption Project

This is undoubtedly one of the finest EDM/Dubstep dance projects ever released to the Christian market. Producer Leonti assembles an all-star cast of EDM heavyweights to produce a solid, bangin' album full of brand new Christian dance anthems.

Watch the video for "Dance Like David" below and preorder the album on iTunes today!


Announcing Niel Higgins' Upcoming Release "The Noise We Make"

We're excited to announce the upcoming release "The Noise We Make" from South African worship leader Niel Higgins. Blending the sounds of artists ranging from The Newsboys to Jeremy Camp, this new album is sure to be a game changer for the CCM market.

"The Noise We Make" is Niel's 2nd worship album and is schedule to release in March. The album includes an all-star cast including amazing artists like Daniel Ornellas (Tree63), Stu G (Delirious), Jaci Velasquez and Brenton Brown.

Please enjoy this brief video teaser for the album:

More news to come very soon regarding the exact release date and more!