Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Stellar Kart Announce Album Release Date

It's been over three years since the popular Christian pop punk band Stellar Kart released their last full length project "Everything Is Different Now". There's been a couple of smaller releases since then which never seemed to garner much interest from long term SK fans, one being their Disney EP "A Whole New World" and the other was their "Acoustic Album".

Well, fear not SK fans, a new full length project is on its way later this year. The lead singer, Adam Agee, last night did a live ustream video and, in response to my question, announced that their new album "All In" will be released 27th August. Stellar Kart then proceeded to announce it via twitter. You heard it here first, unless of course you were watching the live stream!

In response to another of my questions, he also revealed that the album will contain a mixture of ballads, rock and roll and some old school pop punk songs. Adam also divulged that this is their deepest album yet and his favourite. During the one hour broadcast he performed a couple of the new songs acoustically, one was the fourth song on the record "Never Left Your Side" and the other was the new single "All In (Apologize)". He also gave us sneak previews of the intros of a few of the other songs and confirmed that the track "Criminals & Kings" off the acoustic EP will be on the new record.. From those two songs and previews, the new album looks like it's going to be seriously awesome and I'd highly recommend you circle 27th August in your diaries so you don't miss out on what will surely be one of the albums of 2013.

The title track and lead single off the record "All In (Apologize)" is OUT NOW. It released at midnight all around the world so people from Australia and here in the United Kingdom for example got to buy and listen to it first. I have not stopped listening to it and is on constant repeat through my headphones. It's awesome!

You can buy the new single from iTunes HERE (it's also available via other fine digital retailers). Stay up to date with Stellar Kart by liking their facebook page HERE and follow them on twitter @stellarkartband.

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  1. Great article, Iain! Very well done. Sounds like the new album will be fantastic!

    1. Thank you Anonymous! I seriously can't wait for this album!

  2. Yes! I love stellar kart. I love your blog too. Have you heard of Lexi Elisha's new single? It came out today!!

  3. Julia, this blogger site will be abandoned soon...probably replaced with a page directing viewers to the new JesusWired site. The address is Head over and check it out. We're really going to be stepping up our game in many ways. I hope you'll join us there. Let us know what you think of the new site.