Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boxing Promoter Don King Endorses Prodigal Son

Legendary boxing promoter Don King endorses Prodigal Son:

Get Prodigal Son's latest Gospel Rap album Deeper Than Church on or one of many other great online retailers.

Deeper Than Church debuted on the Billboard Soundscan Chart at #18 (9/25/12). Prodigal Son has also been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song.

To book Prodigal Son for a show please contact: Holy-Wood Records: (954) 801-4965

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rap Artist Brinson Throws Down with "Hit The Floor"

You got about 10, 9, 8 seconds to get on the floor and rep your God, rep your city, rep Jesus Christ. Here we go!

No doubt the brand new album "No Other Heroes" from Brinson is ON FIRE! Pick up your copy now!

Christian Musician Summit Heads West

CMS Northwest logo
The popular Christian Musician Summit (CMS) is set to come home to the Northwest, the site where the CMS events first started 10 years ago. CMS Northwest 2012 boasts a schedule that includes workshops and performances featuring some of the best musicians in the Contemporary Christian music (CCM) industry, including David Crowder, Phil Keaggy, Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown & The Worship Republic, Lincoln Brewster, Michael Farren, Bellarive, Jennie Lee Riddle and many others.

CMS Northwest 2012 will be held November 9 and 10 at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Wash., 25 minutes from downtown Seattle. A set of one-day bootcamps for songwriters, guitarists, vocalists and indie artists is scheduled for November 8. 

"It is amazing to think that this is our 10th year. God is faithful!" says Bruce Adolph, co-founder of the Christian Music Summit conferences and president of the Adolph Agency, Inc. "We love helping musicians improve their skill and inspire their talent. Come and join the celebration!"

Each day will feature conference sessions, workshops and performances, followed by nightly concerts. David Crowder, Phil Keaggy, a CCM Songwriters in the Round (Jennie Lee Riddle, Michael Farren, Bob Bennett, Benji Cowart and Jason Ingram), One Sonic Society, Bellarive, Lincoln Brewster and a Late Night Groove Lounge featuring Jesus Music Again (Bob Bennett, Bill Batstone and Alex MacDougall) are among those scheduled for the concerts.

"What a great opportunity for training and encouragement. I can't recommend the Christian Musician Summit more highly!" says award-winning Christian recording artist and songwriter Brenton Brown.

Grammy nominated recording artist and world renowned guitarist Phil Keaggy, who's set to teach a workshop and perform at the event, says,"I have had the privilege to be a part of the Christian Musician Summit conferences over a number of years now, and I can tell you it is an event that both educates and encourages musicians, vocalists, technicians and anyone who desires to improve their skill and have an impact in this world with their God-given talents. The people who have tirelessly put all this together are true servants and amazing human beings that I have come to love and respect." 

Co-founder and president of the Christian Music Summit, Matt Kees added, "It has been a pleasure to serve God's people for the last 10 years with this conference. As long as we continue to meet a need for the sake of His kingdom, we will continue to strive to provide excellent, practical resources for folks."

For more information on CMS Northwest 2012, including conference rates and to register, visit the WEBSITE, like the facebook PAGE or follow @CMSPRODUCTIONS on twitter.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Real Rick Ross Endorses Prodigal Son

Get Prodigal Son's latest Gospel Rap album Deeper Than Church on iTunes, AmazonMP3, or one of many other great online retailers.

Deeper Than Church debuted on the Billboard Soundscan Chart at #18 (9/25/12). Prodigal Son has also been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song.

To book Prodigal Son for a show please contact: Holy-Wood Records: (954) 801-4965

Visit Rick Ross at:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Check Out The Hot New Mixtape & Video From Lil Prophet

2012 has been a busy year for Real Word Records artist Lil Prophet. In June he released his 3rd studio album "The Revolution" along with the music VIDEO for the title track which features his brother, and fellow label artist, K.A.S. He has since been touring the Central Midwest and Southern States with "The Revolution Tour".

Somehow, in the midst of his hectic schedule, he has found time to team up with Jay Harris, of "Strght and Nrrw" Clothing, to release the "Blood, Sweat, Tears & Prayers" mixtape which can be downloaded free of charge HERE (for the story behind the mixtape check out the video HERE).  The music video for Lil Prophet's song "Actin' Up", shot by Eshon Burgundy of GoodLook Multimedia, was recently released and can be seen below.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Smalltown Poets "Under The New Sun" Album Review

October 16, 2012
Review by: Iain Moss
Release Date: 10/16/12

Christian Rock group Smalltown Poets return with a brand new EP entitled “Under The New Sun,” the first non-holiday album in 8 years since the release of their 2004 album “It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been” through BEC Records/EMI.

The Atlanta, GA based quintet reformed in 2011 to release their first official Christmas album “Smalltown Poets Christmas” and, as much fun as they had reworking Christmas songs, are said to be relishing a return to their musical roots with “Under The New Sun.” The band is known for crafting lyric-intensive songs from the ground up, quite often turning a few phrases and sneaking in a few puns but, most importantly, inviting the listener to explore the musical landscape with their own imagination.

The title of the EP “Under The New Sun” is taken from an old Villanelle song “May Day” (Villanelle being a previous incarnation of Smalltown Poets). The lyric “under the new sun” sums up many of the themes on the new release including death, rebirth, renewal, restoration and resurrection.

The 7-track EP opens with the title track, an atmospheric instrumental which, with its spacious guitars, eager chord progression and piano melodies, sonically paints the hope of a new dawn. It sets a mood of tranquility and encourages the worries and stresses of the world to fade away. After the peace instilled in the opener, “Turn Around” is sure to get your heart racing as it uses mile-a-minute word pictures to take you on a roller-coaster ride to a bullfight and back again through space. “Charlie Brown’s Lament” follows the classically familiar relationship of a boy and his dog with Smalltown Poets fetching the irony to tell a timeless story in their own unique manner.

The reflective yet driving “Grace Is a Song”, with the resurrection story as its backdrop, is a celebration of hope and leads beautifully into the worship classic “Jesus I Come.” The song takes on new life as it’s given the Smalltown Poets treatment. The melodic undertone combined with Michael Johnston’s soothing voice creates the perfect atmosphere to worship our Lord and Savior freely. The lyrics of the song are inspired by Psalm 130:1, “Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord” and Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

New territory is broached with “The Ballad of Time and Eternity”, an Aesop-esque story including lyrics written for the lead singer’s six year old daughter which are meant to take on new meaning when she turns sixteen. The EP is rounded out with Smalltown Poet’s twist on the standard gospel song “I’ll Fly Away”, which evoked some of the finer qualities of Jars of Clay.

Whether you listen to music as a backdrop or prefer to dive right into the heart of the song (or even like to sing along at the top of your lungs), every track on this EP meets the challenge of transcending the ordinary. Smalltown Poets have once again crafted a masterpiece guaranteed to have you pressing the replay button repeatedly. Repeat after me: "Play; Rewind; Repeat!"

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Monday, October 15, 2012

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smalltown Poets Announce New EP

Smalltown Poets return with a 7-track EP entitled "Under The New Sun" which will be released October 16th via digital retailers iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and BandCamp.

The band, who reformed last year for their Christmas album "Smalltown Poets Christmas" had once again laid low for awhile but have resurfaced in recent weeks with an announcement which is sure to delight the thousands of Smalltown Poets fans. The EP is said to be a return to Smalltown Poets' musical roots.

 If the name Smalltown Poets is new to you and you're a fan of straight forward, simple, easy listening pop/worship music then you'll love Smalltown Poets. For more information, visit Smalltown Poets on Facebook.

JesusWired Welcomes New Contributor Iain Moss

We'd like to welcome Iain Moss to the JesusWired team. Iain is an author and avid Christian music fan from West Sussex, United Kingdom.

He will be contributing heavily in the areas of new release announcements, CD reviews and interviews with independent Christian bands as well as some of the top Christian bands in the world.

Welcome to the team, Iain!

Click HERE to follow Iain on Twitter.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prodigal Son Enters Soundscan Charts At #18

Rap artist Prodigal Son enters the Soundscan sales chart at #18 after outstanding first week sales for his brand new album, "Deeper Than Church." The album is being distributed physically and digitally by CLG Distribution.

Prodigal Son has branded a movement in the gospel industry named NEW ERA. Prodigal Son say’s he and his HOLY-wood Records team will continue to bring a new sound to the gospel genre as a whole. The title of this new cd DEEPER THAN CHURCH continues to introduce this NEW ERA sound from HOLY-wood Records, as they bring a blend of music for anyone to enjoy who purchases this Groundbreaking, Impactful cd. with music production from top producers who have produced for the likes of RICK ROSS, WALE, WACKA FLACKA FLAME, YMCMB, WIZ KHALIFA and more with features from Klaridy, Rochelle Saunders, Tri-Beezy & Red Fur . The Lyrical message on this NEW ERA album is to uplift, encourage and challenge each listener to stop being so judgmental to one another, as well explained on the songs REALITY, ON MY WAY WAY, to the songs that touch emotions of wrong doing within our body of believers that need to be corrected as explained in the songs EZY MONEY, DEEPER THAN CHURCH and the media favorite AS THE STORY GOES.

Prodigal Son says “ I wrote this album during my three year grieving period of losing my mother, father and grandmother one year apart. I was actually able to look at life from a different vantage point, much like many of those whom I ministered too on the streets and inside of prison walls, so I consulted w/ GOD and made a cd from their vantage point. The only reason I did not stop doing music totally after my families demise is because my mother’s very last words to me were, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS NEVER GIVE UP, and those words birthed DEEPER THAN CHURCH. Many don’t understand my style and that’s ok in a sense, because those who get it, get me because we are alike, so those are the ones I reach out too with hopes that others realize that I speak and write from a perspective that no one else has seen, and that’s because its my REAL LIFE I write about.. I really don’t have any comparisons to my music because i really believe i’m creating a sound that will sit in it’s own category”. Managed now by Debbie King (Daughter of Boxing promoter Don King) Prodigal Son says I see clear skies ahead as I prepare Tours, Deeper Than Church Pt. 2, and a new autobiography in the works named $75 and a Dream.

HOLY-wood Records has been around for the past eight years and Prodigal Son describes how he came up with the name ”HOLY-wood Records. See celebrities go to HOLLYWOOD for their fortune, fame, status, ect but as believers we go to the Throne of GOD (YHWH). We just need to seek first the Kingdom Of God and all things will be added unto us, as described in Matthew 6:33. So instead of HOLLYWOOD I have created HOLY-wood Records Films/Music and Books. Pre-order Deeper Than Church now on iTunes, AmazonMP3, or on many other digital retail outlets.