Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Singles From "Visual Cliff"

Check out three rare singles from the Christian Progressive Rock band Visual Cliff. They've also made some great desktop artwork available for download. Mention the JesusWired blog when ordering the new album for a free album download from their back catalog.

God is moving and opening doors for the music. Help spread the word about Visual Cliff and their exceptional, Spirit-filled music. Share this post with your friends who demand more than the norm from Christian music.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Miss "Missed The Calling"

The Associate Pastor of an inner-city church is left behind after the Rapture and struggles to survive the aftermath.

LokJaw Music Group proudly presents their 1st feature film entitled Missed The Calling. Across the globe, millions of citizens fall prey to an apparent terror plot. Associate Pastor Sean James (Darrell Thomas), Chris “Casper” Anderson (Ben Ancrum) and Jamal James (Dominique Thomas) band together to discover that recent events might not be exactly as they appear. As a new world leader rises to ultimate power, those who’ve come to know the truth about these recent mysterious events find themselves running for their lives.

Writer/Director Darrell Thomas weaves an intricate tale based on the biblical account of The Rapture, an event which takes place during the “end times” when God calls His true believers home to heaven in the blink of an eye.

Due out online and in select stores November 22, 2011. Click HERE to purchase now!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mosaic Unveils "Teach Us"

Lush Harmonies, Scripture-Infused Lyrical Content
Embellish Acclaimed Band's Latest Release

Nashville, Tenn. (Oct. 18, 2011) - Critically acclaimed Christian band Mosaic releases its third project, Teach Us, today on the independent Mosaic Music label and through CLG Distribution.

Even prior to its release, the new CD is generating a buzz in the industry and drawing comparisons to such musical luminaries as The Civil Wars, Alison Krauss, Avalon and Selah. Influential website declares, "The mix of harmonies is nothing short of sublime, shifting from joyful to pensive to praise-filled, fitting just as comfortably on country radio one minute as a more straight-up CCM station the next."

Mosaic — whose lineup includes Devon Graves, vocals/piano; the husband and wife team of Patrick Lockwood, vocals/acoustic guitar and Molly Lockwood, vocals/piano; and husband and wife Jonathan Taylor Martin, vocals/acoustic guitar and Emily Martin, vocals — never intended to become the next big thing in Christian music.

The five musicians originally met as students at Belmont University, where, although they hailed from different parts of the country and had distinctly different musical backgrounds and tastes, they realized they shared a common desire to communicate the truth of God's Word as revealed in the Scriptures.

When they gathered together to share their music, amazing things just seemed to happen. One such night of musical fellowship resulted in their debut CD, a collection of Christmas songs called Until the Son of God Appears, which they originally recorded as a Christmas present for their parents. The CD then led to a month-long Christmas tour, and they have been on the road ever since.

The musicians officially became a full-time ministry in 2009 and released As Long As It Is Day, Mosaic's first CD of original compositions. They have toured unceasingly since, honing their lush harmonies and refining their songwriting chops, while maintaining their ministry focus to encourage and edify others with the truth of God's Word.

"We saw God working through our music and blessing it, and we realized that this was a greater calling than we had expected," Graves says of the band's decision to pursue a career in full-time ministry.

"We realized that, in order to be good stewards of this calling, we would need to commit all of our time to writing, recording our music and organizing our ministry in order to get this thing off the ground," adds Jonathan Taylor Martin.

"People always ask how we come up with our arrangements," says Emily Martin. "We have a lot of musical minds at work within the group. Basically, we just sit in a living room and sing for hours. The person who wrote the song usually guides the vision for the arrangement, but we all contribute our ideas until the song feels complete."

"Each song carries the personal flair of the writer, but because we arrange as a group, there is a consistency to our music," adds Molly Lockwood.

The band combines lyrical content relying heavily on Scripture with rich, complex harmonies to produce Mosaic's signature sound.

"We believe that God's Word empowers prayer, ignites faith, and fuels our worship," explains Patrick Lockwood. "We exist as this family called Mosaic to be musical missionaries of sorts. We exist to teach the Word of God through our music."

That mission can be clearly heard with just a cursory listen to any of the songs on Teach Us. "One," the project's energetic opener, draws heavily on Ephesians 4:4-6 for its declaration that there is "One hope, one faith, one body, one Spirit of the living God." The project's title was derived from the song "Teach Us To Love," a lovely, peace-filled prayer-song drawn from John 15:13 and 1 John 4:7-11. Mosaic slides easily between genres, evoking a gentle country vibe on "Japheth Song," light and breezy pop on "Love Will Never Fail," acoustic folk on "Trust the Lord," and lilting jazz licks on "Fear the Lord."

While the musical stylings may be diverse, the band's sparkling vocals and lyrical integrity create a consistency that unifies the project. Each song on Teach Us flows into the next, creating a seamless, worshipful experience that includes praise and adoration, supplication, worship and benediction.

Pre-Order "Dance With Me" by Heanon

Preview and Pre-Order the brand new album "Dance With Me" from multi-talented singer, songwriter, preacher, producer, actor and educator Heanon.

With music that will last and a heart that keeps expressing hope, love, conviction, and truth we present: Heanon. No stranger to the Gospel and Christian world, Heanon has emerged as a seasoned voice in the music industry.

He delivers a Word-driven,inspirational concept of music that gets right to the souls of people everywhere. He doesn’t just produce songs, he produces movements. Heanon understands that everybody goes through difficult times. He creates music that helps the process of going through. Heanon has a style that mends broken hearts and is eager to give of his gift from God in song to the World, believing that one song can transform a mind and one mind can transform a nation. Heanon has established himself as producer, songwriter, and artist to the world. Look for more God things from this gift to the Body of Christ.

His humility drives worshipful songs to a level of “experience with God,” and his conviction of the heart makes the message plain and clear that even a child could understand. He is the very unorthodox Senior Pastor of Inner Courts Global Outreach in Irmo, South Carolina and Orlando, Florida. He is simply a preacher singing messages from the heart. Heanon has long been thought of as a major talent in the songwriting world. He has gifted the Body of Christ with such great movements like: Real, Thoughts of Virtue, Open My Eyes, Do Ya Care, It’s Ok and many more.

His keen ear for the “proper words to heal a heart” has placed him in a place that sets apart songs and messages. His unique sound was molded throughout the years from such influences as: Commissioned, The Winans, Christopher L. Gray, Chicago, Peter Cetera, Vicki Winans, Fred Hammond, John P. Kee, J. Moss, Bishop Ronald E. Brown, and many others.

Heanon will appear in the upcoming film "The 5th Quarter" and starred in Lifetime's "Army Wives." He has been featured in numerous national, regional and local commercials as well.

CLG Offers Great Pricing On CD/DVD Replication!

Chrematizo Label Group/CLG Distribution is now able to offer exceptional pricing on CD & DVD Replication orders of 1,000 units or more. Here are some of the advantages of dealing with CLG for your replication needs:
  • All DVD or CD pricing includes up to 5 color imprint on the CD face (silkscreen or offset printing). The white flood coat makes the fifth color. Most companies charge more for offset printing if they even offer it. Offset is optimal for photo type art (i.e. landscape or a face), while silkscreen is best for spot colors because it's more vibrant than offset.

  • Our variety of packaging choices including: jewel boxes, digipaks, mailers, sleeves, wallets, DVD Amaray cases, security envelopes, albums and many more.

  • All orders are shipped in industry-standard sub and master carton configurations. Most other replicators up-charge for this.

  • All orders include a free UPC Code for each title (if necessary).

  • There are no film charges for the imprint. Many companies charge a setup charge.

  • The packaging is typically offset print except for the insert/tray card in quantities of a 1,000. All other quantities and other packages are offset, not digital. Offset printing looks better because it is not as crisp-looking.

  • Turnaround is very consistent and typically shorter than the competition.

  • The presses are very new and are German-made -- the best in the industry. Having the newest technology results in a flatter disc which increases playability on all players (even suspect players). This also allows for a better print image as well.

  • Production capacity is 300,000 units a day -- 24/7 Monday through Friday. Overall capacity is filled 60% on the average, so it's possible to take on huge jobs (with some advance notice) without affecting other customers.

  • The company is ISO certified and has all licensing/certifications for CD/DVD and piracy.
We also offer:
  • Flash memory and diskette duplication, labeling and packaging, including silk-screening of both the label and shutter surfaces in one or more ink colors.

  • Videotape duplication in NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats, Macrovision anti-copy protection, open and closed captioning services, video digitizing, editing, plus complete video packaging.

  • E-Book production, DVD authoring and pre-mastering using the versatile Sonic Solutions systems. This is our service to producers, developers and marketers of content in this media format.

  • Art design for CD/DVD packaging.
Contact us now for a quote on your next project!


Phone: (615) 280-1911 x 114

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jon Bauer's "Forevermore" Cracks iTunes' Top 200

In its second day of a soft release for the digital version of the album, Jon Bauer's Forevermore cracks iTunes' Top 200 Chart for the Christian & Gospel genre and currently sits at #180. The album is featured in the "New & Noteworthy" section on the front page for the genre as well.

The physical version of the album is slated to release December 20, 2011.

Check out this amazing album produced by 2010 Dove Award-Winning "Producer of the Year" Rusty Varenkamp (Rush Of Fools, Mute Math, Toby Mac, Building 429, etc.) now!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jon Bauer's "Forevermore" Streets Today!

Check out Jon Bauer's highly anticipated brand new album on iTunes now!

Canada’s best & brightest artists have certainly made a major impact on the American Christian music scene. While it is no secret that Canada has produced a bumper crop of uniquely talented artists in many genres over the years, the country’s batting average in Christian music has been especially noteworthy.

And now, in 2011, Canadian singer-songwriter Jon Bauer is stepping up to the plate. Jon’s fourth worship-focused recording, FOREVERMORE, is also his U.S. debut, with songwriting that has been likened to familiars in the industry like Chris Tomlin or Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall, this collection of songs is already making an impact. Produced by one of the industry’s most sought-after producers, 2010 Dove Award-winning producer Rusty Varenkamp (Tenth Avenue North, Meredith Andrews), FOREVERMORE features 10 selections with 8 written or co-penned by Jon. “My heart is to encourage people that worship is more than music. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a choice. We need to look for ways to serve God and serve others, representing Him to this hurting world.”

You can also scan the QR Code below for more information on FOREVERMORE!

Distribution 101 - Part 2

Last month I discussed two distinctly different types of physical music distribution – “traditional” and “one-stop.” This month I will delve a little deeper into some of the various deals potentially offered by traditional distributors. While it remains true that opportunity has never been greater for the average indie musician or label, a traditional distribution deal is still very hard to come by. A general rule of thumb indicates that an artist or label typically surrenders control and profitability in direct proportion to the amount of outside investment agreed upon and/or required to record, market and promote an album. For the purpose of this segment on distribution, the terms “distributor” and “record label” are often used interchangeably.

In a “packaging and distribution deal” (sometimes referred to as a “P&D deal”), the artist or label maintains more control over a project since the distributor is only fronting the costs for manufacturing. Due to the limited exposure, the distributor allows more freedom to the artist/label since the risk for marketing and promoting the album is assumed by the artist or label.

Under a “profit-sharing” model, more of the burden is assumed by the distributor. The artist or label will typically enter the agreement with a finished project in-hand and maintain ownership of the master recording. The distributor agrees to invest in the marketing and promotion of the project and profits are then shared between distributor and artist/label.

In a “license deal,” the artist or label licenses the rights to exploit the content to a distributor or label while retaining ownership of the master recording and songwriting revenues. Once the license term concludes, the rights then revert to the artist or label. This model can be very advantageous if the artist/label is able to properly market and promote the title independently.

The next model is what most people would be familiar with when discussing a “major label deal.” In this model, the label/distributor funds virtually every aspect of the recording and marketing process and, as such, inherits a great deal of influence over each and every aspect of the recording and marketing processes. One of the hot-button issues for many past, present and future recording artists operating under this model is the ownership of the publishing rights and copyright of the master recording. Most deals under this model require that the artist or label surrender ownership of the master recording and, often, the publishing rights as well. If and when this occurs the distributor will maintain ownership indefinitely for all aspects of the master recording.

One of the newest models in vogue is the “360 deal.” Under this model, the artist is basically “branded” by a team consisting of artist management, producers, promoters and a marketing team. The team assumes “ownership” of the brand and work together to create success on behalf of the artist. At this level, virtually any and all merchandise branded with the artist’s name or likeness becomes a profit center for the label. This model involves the most financial investment by the label/distributor and, proportionately, the least amount of creative control for the artist.

Next month I will discuss self-distribution and the truly independent artist.

Copyright 2011 - David C. Coleman

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fades Away - #1 On

The current single entitled "Choir of Failure" from Minneapolis-based Fades Away has edged out 12 Stones to capture the #1 position in the Top 30 Songs!

Visit now to request the song!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pre-Order "Perceptions" by Fades Away

Preview and Pre-Order the brand new album "Perceptions" from Fades Away.

Minneapolis-based Fades Away have emerged with their own savory brand of highly energetic, intense Christian rock. Their latest album, Perceptions, shows tremendous growth in both the musicianship of the individual members and their collective ability to craft melodically radical nuggets of assailing ear candy. Produced by Noah Henson, lead guitarist and main songwriter for the seminal Christian rock band Pillar, this album is solid from start to finish.

The album cover art and song “Perceptions” illustrate the concept that Christians open the door to darkness and become like Pharisees when they piously represent themselves as “better than” others. The ominous figure in the cover photo grasps his bible as he dwells in self-righteous condemnation of others. “Right Now (We’ll Stand) is a story of perseverance and victory over fear, and “Choir of Failure” addresses the issues of temptation, grace and forgiveness. Insightful and illustrative lyrics take the listener on an odyssey of epic proportions.

An intense tour schedule keeps them on the road full-time, and opening for wildly successful bands like Thousand Foot Kruth, Project 86, Fireflight and others has afforded them the opportunity to play in front of massive crowds as they continue to develop an increasingly large and highly-dedicated fan base. The members of Fades Away have found that the ability to share life experiences and beliefs through the music provides the connection and approachability the fans have come to know and love.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cop 7vnseal's New Heat on ReverbNation!

7th Brigade Ministries
is leaking a prequel to the upcoming full-length album by Christian hip-hop artist 7vnseal (a.k.a. God's Dagger) entitled Drama On The Horizon.

7vnseal, formerly know as 80proof The Illa Instinct, has worked in the past with Beretta 9, Dom Pachino and Shyheim The Manchild.

Visit his ReverbNation page to get these limited downloads today.

The 3-track E.P., 7th Brigade, will be available on iTunes, Amazon and other major digital retail sites on December 6, 2011.

3HP Christian DJ & Mixtapes Awards

Pre-Order "Infinite Glory" by S.O.C.O.M.

Preview and Pre-Order the brand new album entitled "Infinite Glory" from Christian hip-hop artist S.O.C.O.M.

After traveling to countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Korea and France, S.O.C.O.M. is back in the U.S. and set to release the highly-anticipated album “Infinite Glory.”

The message is clear: “Are You Ready” to stand against the onslaught of chaotic messages being presented through mainstream entertainment? Are you ready to help save a dying world and generation caught up in today’s media hype, lies and bondage? Infinte Glory, quite possibly S.O.C.O.M.’s best album to date, contains the single “I Want More” featuring Dove & Stellar Award Nominee Canton Jones, a song which challenges listeners to seek God in every aspect of their lives. The dance-infused “Get Low” (featuring C-Micah) is certain to become a staple in rotation for DJ’s across the globe. CCM artist Kathleen Carnali infuses a contemporary hip-hop feel into the song “Amazin” which drives home the point that, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, God is still amazing in all that he has provided for us. T-Haddy, Ric Flo and Saylah Flowz let us know that we “Can’t Lose” in a song by the same name which could easily become a #1 Billboard hit. Mic-O and S.O.C.O.M. team up on “I Just Wanna Praise You,” yet another radio-friendly song. The album also features Universal Music Group Recording Artist Mr. Del, M.O.G. Showtime, Lil Prophet, JT Logan, M’Renee and many more.

Check out S.O.C.O.M.'s previous work as well:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Distribution 101 - Part 1

by David C. Coleman

In business, there's usually more than one model by which to conduct business in any given field. When it comes to physical music distribution, there are basically two distinctly different types of distribution models - "traditional" and "one-stop." Both traditional and one-stop distributors "distribute" product. They simply have a different methodology behind their business practices. And, within the traditional model, there are various types of deals which can be offered. Two additional models for music distribution which have become popular over the last decade or so include digital distribution and self-distribution. This month I’ll be discussing the differences between traditional and one-stop distribution.

A traditional distribution deal (sometimes referred to as a “standard” distribution deal) is very hard to come by for the average indie musician or label. In reality, it’s almost an impossible task unless you’ve already made a name for yourself and can clearly demonstrate substantial momentum for yourself or your band. These deals are funded by the distribution company which, in the most “traditional” of traditional deals, maintains the primary responsibility of handling the recording and manufacturing processes, as well as distribution, merchandising, publicity and promotion. As you can see, a traditional distribution deal requires considerable investment by the distribution company.

One-stop distributors are sometimes referred to as “wholesalers” or “fulfillment centers.” A one-stop assembles music content from many different sources (labels, distributors, etc.) under one roof in order to provide a “one-stop” shopping destination for music retailers. This type of deal is much easier to obtain, either directly or indirectly, primarily because the distributor is simply buying and reselling product. The risk is reduced substantially once the requirement or expectation of investment by the distributor is removed. But even a one-stop deal is not necessarily “easy” to obtain. Most of the larger one-stops have sales parameters which must be met before they’ll consider a direct relationship. In these instances, a label or artist can work through a middle-man as growth occurs in this regard.

Both types of distributors help facilitate placement in retail stores, but one-stops tend to be somewhat less pro-active in doing so. Both normally provide access to marketing opportunities with chain retailers as well. “Co-op” programs provide the opportunity to feature product in prominent locations for a pre-defined period of time. These prime locations are typically located in highly visible areas of the store where customer traffic is high. Examples might include a “New Release” wall or an “end-cap” located at the end of an aisle.

At the end of the day, the significant difference between a traditional distribution deal and a one-stop deal is most often defined by the source of the marketing funds being invested and the sense of "ownership" the company maintains in backing a project. A traditional distribution will typically assume a greater level of responsibility in ensuring proper marketing and promotion is being conducted on behalf of the project. But, as mentioned earlier, there are variances in deals which normally fall under the umbrella of the traditional deal, so not all deals offered by traditional distribution companies will be identical. Variations can include "360" deals, licensing deals, packaging and distribution deals and profit-sharing deals. The appropriate distribution deal for you will mainly depend upon your ability to create and maintain forward momentum by building an ever-expanding fan base and touring presence.

Copyright 2011 - David C. Coleman