Thursday, October 4, 2012

Prodigal Son Enters Soundscan Charts At #18

Rap artist Prodigal Son enters the Soundscan sales chart at #18 after outstanding first week sales for his brand new album, "Deeper Than Church." The album is being distributed physically and digitally by CLG Distribution.

Prodigal Son has branded a movement in the gospel industry named NEW ERA. Prodigal Son say’s he and his HOLY-wood Records team will continue to bring a new sound to the gospel genre as a whole. The title of this new cd DEEPER THAN CHURCH continues to introduce this NEW ERA sound from HOLY-wood Records, as they bring a blend of music for anyone to enjoy who purchases this Groundbreaking, Impactful cd. with music production from top producers who have produced for the likes of RICK ROSS, WALE, WACKA FLACKA FLAME, YMCMB, WIZ KHALIFA and more with features from Klaridy, Rochelle Saunders, Tri-Beezy & Red Fur . The Lyrical message on this NEW ERA album is to uplift, encourage and challenge each listener to stop being so judgmental to one another, as well explained on the songs REALITY, ON MY WAY WAY, to the songs that touch emotions of wrong doing within our body of believers that need to be corrected as explained in the songs EZY MONEY, DEEPER THAN CHURCH and the media favorite AS THE STORY GOES.

Prodigal Son says “ I wrote this album during my three year grieving period of losing my mother, father and grandmother one year apart. I was actually able to look at life from a different vantage point, much like many of those whom I ministered too on the streets and inside of prison walls, so I consulted w/ GOD and made a cd from their vantage point. The only reason I did not stop doing music totally after my families demise is because my mother’s very last words to me were, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS NEVER GIVE UP, and those words birthed DEEPER THAN CHURCH. Many don’t understand my style and that’s ok in a sense, because those who get it, get me because we are alike, so those are the ones I reach out too with hopes that others realize that I speak and write from a perspective that no one else has seen, and that’s because its my REAL LIFE I write about.. I really don’t have any comparisons to my music because i really believe i’m creating a sound that will sit in it’s own category”. Managed now by Debbie King (Daughter of Boxing promoter Don King) Prodigal Son says I see clear skies ahead as I prepare Tours, Deeper Than Church Pt. 2, and a new autobiography in the works named $75 and a Dream.

HOLY-wood Records has been around for the past eight years and Prodigal Son describes how he came up with the name ”HOLY-wood Records. See celebrities go to HOLLYWOOD for their fortune, fame, status, ect but as believers we go to the Throne of GOD (YHWH). We just need to seek first the Kingdom Of God and all things will be added unto us, as described in Matthew 6:33. So instead of HOLLYWOOD I have created HOLY-wood Records Films/Music and Books. Pre-order Deeper Than Church now on iTunes, AmazonMP3, or on many other digital retail outlets.

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